Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

So I have to admit, that ever since I read I Am Number Four, I have been dying to find out more about the other Lorien Nine. This book did not let me down. It catches up with John, Sam, and Six after they left Paradise and are out on the run. Obviously there is some kind of government cover up to explain why the authorities are looking for them so they are labeled as 'terrorists'. I know; a great big thank you for saving the world but hey... that's how it goes right?

The book also brings in a new character Marina who is located in a convent in Spain. She has lacked the training that Six and John got growing up but she is aware that she is finally getting her legacies. Her problem is her cepian, Adelina, would rather ignore her duties to Marina and instead live the docile life of a nun. But Marina cannot go unnoticed forever, and eventually they are going to have to work together if they are going to survive.

This book had more of a split personality going back and forth between John and Marina but the flow worked for the book. The author found just the right times to shift to the other character in order to keep the tension high through out the book. It was a great read and I can't wait for the rest to come.

 - Mrs. Daugherty


  1. is this probble better than the movie. is there a three book?

    1. The first book was much better than the movie and the movie was good! There is a third book scheduled to come out on August 21st, 2012. The name of the third book is The Rise of Nine. I am really looking forward to it!