Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 Caudill Nominee - Every Soul A Star (Student Review)

BY Wendy Mass

 Ally: a girl who loves the nature and the simple things in life; she loves the stars and being in the middle of nowhere.
Bree: loves shopping texting and drama, this popular girl loves the city and cant dream of what being in the middle of nowhere is like, and doesn’t want to know.
Jack: used to being left alone in his own little world , loves to “fly” and is a little overweight and awkward, Jack ends up finding himself in situations he would never have fathom Bree has plans to become a model, and Ally wants to discover a comet. 

These girls love their opposite lives and didn’t know any other way of life or even each other, but they will soon.

As both their parents decide its time for a change they are so busy getting ready they delay telling the kids. Bree’s parents set her down too days before the move to give her the news and as expected she flipped and was rebellious. She tried to get her mom to let her live with her best friend Claire, and her mother disagreed.

One night Jack was up in his tree house and his mother called his name, he thought he was in trouble so he jumped off the tree house and ran inside. As he walked through the door his mom handed him the phone. In the next thirty minutes he and his mom were packing his clothes and necessity’s for a two week trip with his science teacher to a solar eclipse campground. If he did this he would not have to go to summer school.

As Bree and her family arrive at the campground Ally is in for a shock. Ally’s parents had been too busy preparing the campgrounds to tell ally and her brother about the move. So when Bree’s family shows up and ask where they shut locate all the boxes they could bring along. Once the news is out both girls decide one thing: this isn’t happening! So now they have a plan to keep their lives from dramatically changing. Will their plan work? Will Jack learn to actually like the campground? You’ll have to read to find out! I like this book because its from three different point of views and ins not for just boys or girls, its for both! I hope you read and enjoy it!
- Hannah (8th Grade)

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