Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Caudill Award Nominee - Peak by Roland Smith (Student Review)

Main characters:
          Peak- a 15 year-old boy who gets in trouble and is made to move to Thailand with his absent father.
          Joshua Wood- Peaks famous father who is a very selfish person.
          Peak’s Mom- Also a mountain climber until she had Peak, and fell off of a wall and broke her hip.
          Peak’s twin sisters- they share an important part as much as Peak and also send him letter while he is at camp.
          Thaddeus- Josh’s business partner/lawyer
          Holly- A New York reporter who films Peak and interviews him while on the mountain.
          Zopa- A Nepalenese monk that Josh owes a favor to.         
          Sanjo- Zopa’s grand son who comes along for the journey.

          Peak is an action/adventure/drama story. It is about a boy named Peak, who gets in trouble in his hometown of New York for tagging skyscrapers. When he goes to court, he is made to go live with his dad, who happens to be a famous mountain climber. He sees his son for the first time in 13 years when he comes to live with him. They have to live together in Chang Mai in northern Thailand. Peak later discovers that Josh’s (his father) real plan was not to spend time together but, to get Peak to the top of Mount Everest before his sixteenth birthday. If he makes it, Peak will then be the youngest person in the world to climb Mount Everest.
          All of the characters were credible and you believed you were there, with them.  You can actually feel like your on the mountain with Peak and his Father.

- Alexis (8th Grade)

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