Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Louis Sachar's The Cardturner

I had a difficult time getting into this book because the main focus of it was on the card game bridge.  The underlying story, the one about Alton and his "favorite uncle" was what really intrigued me to keep going.  Alton is told to spend time with his blind uncle to better his family's chances of getting into his will.  To do this, Alton has to drive him to his bridge games and be his card turner (the one who tells him what cards he holds during the match).

The more time the spend together, the more Alton learns about his uncle, and the game of bridge.  His uncle's previous card turner, Toni, soon works her way into the picture and Alton is left with more questions about the girl from the family who are all "crazy".  But the more Alton learns about Toni, the less crazy he thinks she is, and maybe there is something more to her oddness. 

A good book for teens about relationships and family situations.  It is also teaches about respect and that even adults are lacking in that department when you start to really pay attention to Alton's family.  I have to admit, I did find the focus on the card game a little distracting from the story, but it also played a very intricate part of the storyline.  Take your time with this one, trying not to give up to soon, because it does have a good message worth sharing.

Ages 12 and up.  Clean.

- Mrs. Daugherty

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