Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This book is gripping from the very beginning for fans of fantasy worlds.  There is racism even in fantasy and this books shows how easily we can give into our fear of what we don't know or understand. Abasina is an outcast in the village she lives in because her skin and hair are dark.  But because he mother is the village healer, they allowed her life to be spared instead of throwing her over the wall as a baby.  But she wonders if she should have been left for dead rather than endure the awful way she is treated by everyone. 

Abasina decides that she must seek out her father because of the horrible events in the village so she begins her search for Watersmeet.  She will learn much more on her journey than she ever thought possible.  She will learn to trust creatures whom she was taught were nothing but monsters.  She will also confront the demons inside herself and find out if she is any better than her tormentors were in the village.

Great book! I would recommend for grade 6 and up.  Very clean/does include battlefield violence.
- Mrs. Daugherty

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