Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I found this book a great story of self discovery and coming of age. Will is the only ward of the kingdom who has no idea where he came from or what his last name is. When the children are old enough to be selected for their apprenticeship, Will finds that he is too small to go to Battle School even though this is all he has ever wanted. Instead he finds himself an unlikely candidate for the Ranger apprenticeship.
Will develops his skills and his body under the watchful eye of Halt. Even most of the time he feels like an underpaid servant, Halt has reasons for everything that he does. Halt discovers that Will has a knack for the bow and arrow, more so than even Will is ever made aware. Perhaps he has found his calling in the Rangers. But Will still has much to learn about the world and friendship.
As the story progresses, the reader has the ability to follow two of the wards and see them struggle to discover themselves.
Horace was Will's tormentor before they departed for their apprenticeships. Their changing roles, as Horace moves on to Battle School and Will works on being a Ranger, will find them together once again under more extreme circumstances. Time adds maturity to both boys and a surprising twist will form an alliance between the two former enemies. Everything in this book is moving toward a higher purpose. Each detail is a planned step to the metamorphosis of the two characters and their amazing life changing episodes.

- Mrs. Daugherty

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